Ancient Symbols

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Egyptian Jewelry, The Greatest Data Related to You

Ancient Symbols

Egyptians are masters of ornamenting metals by engraving, soldering and fashioning them into beautiful masterpieces. As far as the history of Egyptian jewelry is concerned, The history runs back to 4BC, an era famous for galant pharoic golden age. Glyptic art, meaning ancient Egyptian gem carving art was very popular back in the day and was important in the role off showing power, glory and possessions. Maybe it is the abundace of precious gems that made them divert to polychrome glass jewelry?

Egyptian jewellery centers on color the most. It takes a creative eye to put all the glamorous colors together in order to produce a good piece of Egyptian jewelry. Red is for life and power whereas green is for fertility and blue is symbolic of joyousness. In ancient times Egyptian jewelry was used as religious symbols for sacrifices, special ceremonies and in mummification. Although a part of life in the traditional stories we know, Egyptian jewelry bears evidence for style, class and glamor in today's age.

Types of Egyptian jewelry are a many varying from coral pins and chunky glass bracelets to ankh cross rings, gothic pewter pendants and silver thumb pharaoh rings to vintage bead necklaces. Although precious stones are not attached to these jewelry giving it value for rarity, the high price tags attached to Egyptian jewelry speaks of their value in modern days. A half an inch thick silver pharaoh ring would cost about $ 10 and a vintage glass bead necklace can cost up to $ 130 or more.

Early craftsmen used lots of gold in their works, but today, with the prices of precious metals rising, jewelers look for cheaper alternatives such as copper, brass and so on. Amethysts, garnets, opals, topazes and quartz are umpteen of the gems normally used in Egyptian jewelry. Bracelets, armlets and head-ornaments play serious role in the Egyptian look. There are a mixture of thick and thin arm bands-plain or embedded with jewels, grand or simple, fancy or plain. The head ornaments from hair clips to head bands are amazingly appealing. They add goodwill and poise to a female when blended with a Cleopatra- type silk white dress.

More over, big thick challenging rings represents real Egyptian royal line. They are oftentimes sculpted with a present of a pharaoh   adored Ramses III ordinarily   and the band is styled with Egyptian inscription, pictures of crowns, animals and ancient symbols. Some see Egyptian jewelry as marks of luck and others wear it to show class   the richer you are more unbridled the Egyptian jewellery you put on.

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Ancient Symbols

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