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Greek Folk

Learning More About Flamenco, the Andalusian Music and Dance Art Form

A number of people view music to be a great way to express themselves, and is an art form as famous as painting and writing literature. Music has varying forms, faces, and intent in many countries and although music may be used in different ways, the fact still remains that it is an important part of cultures all over the world.

Music played a vital role in the beginnings of all countries, including Spain; the Roman culture has been its main influence for hundreds of years and it also paved the way for the introduction of Ancient Greek music. Spain’s music is generally much affected by Roman and Greek music and later on by other influences brought about by the Visigoths, Jews, and Moors who have spoke with the locals of Spain. To enjoy more of Spain’s art and music, you must learn how to understand their culture and language and the easiest thing to do that is by taking advantage of our technology today by searching online for sites like Rocket Spanish which offer basic cultural lessons and basic Spanish language lessons for free. Rocket Spanish is an excellent tool that can aid you in learning to speak Spanish.

Flamenco, which comes from Spain is famous world wide and is regarded to be widely known in all regions of Spain. Ironically, Flamenco is actually not famous in the whole Spain; it’s only famous in a certain region, particularly the Andalusian region of Spain and in a few of the smaller surrounding regions. However, a quick study of the history of Flamenco will show you that this couldn’t be farther from the truth; Flamenco is actually only popular in one part of Spain which is the Andalusian area.

A popular music technique that is acquired from Spain is Flamenco, which a lot of people incorrectly regarded to be the national music of Spain. The swift movements and transitions as well as the loud, fancy foot works sets the Flamenco apart as a dance form. Flamenco also symbolizes the unique music and tradition of Spain; still, looking for the main origin of Flamenco remains a mystery until today.

Since Flamenco started in Andalusia which is one of the poorest parts of Spain, the art style was not acknowledged in aristocratic society and was therefore not as widely influential back then as other types of music and dance forms. Andalusia was made up of gypsies, Jews, Moors, and other nationalities that were regarded to be lower class during those periods, and naturally they acquired disdain from the upper class people back then. It’s not a wonder that the historians didn’t really exert much energy to study and record the nuances that describe the beginnings and the development of Flamenco as an art form. Unfortunately, most of the people from the Andalusian regions were of persecuted lineages, they were also mostly illiterate so they had no method on putting into writing their own cultural tradition for posterity; most of the history of Flamenco has been lost and greatly altered because it had only been passed on through oral tradition.

What’s really amazing about the Flamenco is that it won over all the hardships; despite the troubled history that it had, it prevailed through time. However, one thing is for sure; Flamenco has grown to give a big effect on dance cultures around the world.


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