Gemstone Bracelet

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Gemstone Bracelet

Reasons Why You Should Buy Loose Faceted Gems

From round diamond rings. To set things straight, lets begin with describing loose faceted Diamonds. This is so that you can understand better the following information on these types of Gemstones.

A Diamond is a precious stone that is of high value because of its beauty, rarity, color and luster especially when already cut. The number of cuts or facets have been calculated to show the maximum brilliance or sparkle of the stone.

Because of the popularity of Gemstones, loose faceted Diamonds are quite in these days. When Diamonds are loose, that means that they aren't mounted in gold or silver. So why do most people like to buy loose faceted Gems? Here are some reasons why you should consider buying precious stones in their loose form.

1. Most people like them loose because they can choose the design they want for their loose stones. Jewelers can be asked to do special settings of loose faceted stones. When you choose the design, you can mix and match different stones and patterns to suit your taste. You can even choose what type of Jewelry you want it set in (i.e. pendant, ring or bracelet).

2. If you dream of having a big-stoned piece of Jewellery and you simply can't afford it, maybe you could get one if it were loose. Because most of the time, when stones are set in Jewelry already, they come are really expensive. But buying them loose gives you the freedom to set them in designs that are simpler by jewelers that charge lower.

3. If you are a die-hard collector of Diamonds, buying them loose would be the perfect way to obtain them because you can see the stones in their entire splendor. Since all facets are exposed in a loose stone, the maximum brilliance is appreciated. Also, the authenticity is also more visible this way.

4. Aficionados can choose properly between different categories like fancy, cabochon and faceted. If you go for the faceted category, which means the stone has many flat surfaces, you can choose distinctly between the following cuts: round, trillion, square, baguette, pear and marquise.

5. If you are geared towards business, it is important that you buy Diamonds that are faceted and loose because if you want to buy them as an investment to resell them later on at a higher price, these are the stones that are much easier to sell.

For Gemstone buffs such as you, buying Diamonds in their loose and faceted forms is the best way to go. Not only are they cheaper, but the possibilities are endless.

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Gemstone Bracelet
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